Pennacchio Issue of the Day – 2

As part of AF&O’s effort to promote the US Senate campaign of a true Pennsylvania progressive, every weekday until the Keystone State’s May 16 Democratic primary election, we present candidate Dr. Chuck Pennacchio on one of the many issues facing Pennsylvania and the nation. Today: Pennacchio on Workers’ Rights.

From Pennacchio for Senate:

Every working man and woman deserves a living wage. Chuck supports increasing the minimum wage and expanding eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit for working people. Just as important as a living wage is, so too is a safe work environment. Chuck opposes the Bush administration’s attempts to weaken OSHA regulations and pass anti-worker-safety legislation. Chuck is also committed to protecting overtime pay for working people, and will stand up to the Bush administration’s new rules, which steal overtime pay from up to 6 million working men and women.

As a labor organizer and former business owner dedicated to workplace equity and fairness, Chuck will staunchly oppose all Bush-Santorum efforts to destroy the balance between workers’ and owners’ rights. The Bush Administration and Rick Santorum (R-PA) have consistently opposed the right of the labor movement to organize and promote the welfare of workers. They have pushed such legislation under the deceptive title of “right-to-work” legislation. Such legislation makes unionization difficult or impossible in many private industries, and inhibits the rights of workers to protect themselves through collective action. This more appropriately named “right-to-exploit” undercuts the rights of workers.

Read more about it here.

The Pennsylvania primary is May 16. Between now and then, do all you can to support a true, people-focused progressive for the US Senate. And don’t miss the Pennacchio Issue of the Day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Pennacchio Issue of the Day – 2

  1. I’m so with him on workers’ rights and owners’ rights. There has been a steady decline in the power and influence of the worker in the political process for years. Would have loived to hear something about education, ownership, fair international trade, sensible energy, immigration… Oh well. I’ll keep my ears and heart open…

  2. Check out his web site – there is all kinds of info. And, as the article notes, this is a continuing series: an issue a day until the May 16 primary. Do visit again to see those – you’ll like what you read. And tell your friends, especially if they live in PA.

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