An Experiment: Kind Music, Kind Deeds

In my quest to create the best netradio – peacenik/activist community possible for no money, I have begun an experiment.

Rather, call it an opportunity: Grateful Dread Kind Eclectica is a new online group that is an extension of what we’re doing here at AF&O – The Armchair Activist. It’s hosted at And we’re looking for members.

Why join?

Awesome music can be found via Grateful Dread Kind Eclectica Radio (if you’ve heard my GratefulDreadRadio on Launchcast or Grateful Dread Kind Radio on, you know the direction it follows – it’s another eclectic mix of music encompassing rock, psychedelic, reggae, jamband, folk, protest music, classic rock, americana, ska, alt-country, blues and more). As a member, you get to add to the music selections. Very neat stuff.

Via the journal, folks can talk about music, green living, progressive politics, peace, all manner of kind stuff. Group members can contribute to what is, in essence, a group blog.

Soon to come is a forum, where members will be able to connect, discuss, forge friendships, chat about music and artists and network for progressive activism.

Now, this is brand new: We don’t get an official kickoff until we have three members, and Grateful Dread Kind Eclectica Radio won’t have periodic music charts until 15 people are onboard, so we are really looking for people to join what I hope will become a merry band of music-lovin’ peace-minded global citizens happily truckin’ along and helping to make the world a better place.

Oh, and it costs you nothing.

Please join what should be an uplifting experiment in creating kind community set to really groovy tunes. It should be fun and it just may help create a brighter, more magical world. Indeed, come on by.

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4 thoughts on “An Experiment: Kind Music, Kind Deeds

  1. Natalie,

    Not sure about this one yet. I’m waiting to see how it pans out but it offered little once I went through the process.

    Am I missing something?


  2. Rod, it’s a little strange. You have to wade around to find everything, but it’s actually rather cool. As far as I gather, it’s a service that allows people to create personal radio stations (through the “tagging” craze now hitting the ‘net in epidemic proportions) and communities centered around musical tastes, politics, whatever. The community gathers musical data through shared MP3 playlists – it keeps track of what songs you listen to on your computer (though not the source of the MP3; it is all kosher) and ranks them in terms of popularity for yourself and, in concert with other members, for whatever group in which you may be a member. In addition, there is a shoutbox (people seem to like that sort of thing), group blogging, forums and other stuff. I am finding that it’s interesting, and I’ve met some fascinating and wildly diverse people who have musical tastes as frighteningly eclectic as mine. And it costs nothing, so that makes it worth exploring on its own, I think. If you do tool around, look me up under gdread or just use the link in the article above.

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