Pennacchio Issue of the Day – 5

As part of AF&O’s effort to promote the US Senate campaign of a true Pennsylvania progressive, every weekday until the Keystone State’s May 16 Democratic primary election, we present candidate Dr. Chuck Pennacchio on one of the many issues facing Pennsylvania and the nation. Today: Pennacchio on the “War” on Iraq.

From Pennacchio for Senate:

By choosing to go to war in Iraq in a reckless and deceptive manner, George Bush promoted the concepts of “nation-building” and liberation before the War on Terror. In doing so, this administration has opened a Pandora‚Äôs Box of dangers upon America and the world.

In advocating and pursuing a policy of “pre-emptive war,” the Bush-Santorum team has created a geopolitical climate with the real potential to bring about new and grave international conflicts. We have set a critical precedent which if followed by the rest of the world, could lead to wars between China and Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea, and India and Pakistan, to list a few of many. Any or every one of these limited conflicts would become a full-scale war, and likely trigger American involvement. The precedent we have set must be renounced, and America must return to a sane and effective foreign policy.

The Bush administration took America into war with Iraq through misleading and deceptive means. Congress abrogated its Constitutional duty by giving President Bush the authority to send troops into Iraq without a formal declaration of war. Chuck will stand up and demand that our Constitution, which states that “only Congress shall declare war,” be followed. He would not have voted for the Iraq War resolution, nor would he have voted for a congressional declaration of war.

Chuck believes that we must work to rebuild our alliances throughout the world in order to salvage good out of a campaign that has, heretofore, been disastrously mismanaged. We must engage the Arab and Muslim world and our traditional allies in Europe and Asia and encourage them to take a leadership role in the stabilization of Iraq. We must develop a timeline and exit strategy that brings American troops home as soon as is feasible. We must balance the desire to protect our troops with the unfortunate reality that leaving without a stabilization strategy in place will send the nation of Iraq spiraling into civil war and chaos.

Read more about it here. And read my interview with Chuck to hear his views on this and other issues.

The Pennsylvania primary is May 16. Between now and then, do all you can to support a true, people-focused progressive for the US Senate. And don’t miss the Pennacchio Issue of the Day tomorrow.

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