Help Make History

From NTodd’s fine blog Dohiyi Mir:

Okay folks, here’s the deal. DM is at 408,273 visits, which is 10,794 shy of the vaunted 419,067 milestone I want to reach by my third blogversary on June 14th. Sadly, that will require an average of 600 daily visits, and I’m currently clocking in at 549 a day, so it looks like the goal is juuuuuust out of reach. Unless… So please tell all your friends to visit.

So… visit! NTodd does great stuff. And tell him the considerably more obscure and way older All Facts and Opinions sent ya.

(Good luck and happy blogiversary, NTodd!)


One thought on “Help Make History

  1. Just an hold friend saying Hi Natalie. I hope you are doing well. We are all doing good. Drop me a line. TTFN

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