Bush: Exploiting Hate for Politics’ Sake

Why is Dubya Bush pimping the Federal Marriage Amendment again? Is it because he really has something against gay people? Does he really want people unequal under law? Probably not, turns out. According to Newsweek, an unidentified Bush friend calls the Shrub’s support for legalized bigotry as “purely political. I don’t think he gives a s–t about it. He never talks about this stuff.”

Which means he’s fighting to enshrine discrimination into the US Constitution for no other reason than for political gain for himself and for the Republican Party. He’s got to shore up his Religious Wrong base and distract the nation from Iraq, Iran, dead soldiers, brutal Marines and an abysmally low approval rating. It’s sick and shameful. His coopting of extreme-right religious dictates for personal benefit is proof positive that Bush has no character, no principles, no heart. And again, Bush shows himself to be dishonest: This certainly proves the big-spending pol’s claim of being a compassionate conservative is the assertion of a lying liar.

(GOPSters aren’t the only ones who succumb to this sort of thing: Why don’t most mainstream Democrats, who claim to support equality for all, fail to stand up for marriage equality? For their own political comfort. GLBT people need to realize that these cowardly clowns are no better than the Republicans. But I digress.)

Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, agrees that hatred is an instrument Bush has pulled from his political toolbox. From the NGLTF statement regarding Bush’s immoral address:

Yes, this is about pandering to his base. Yes, this is about diverting America’s attention from his foreign and domestic failures. But above all, this is an immoral attack on gay people, our families and our fundamental humanity.

Today, we saw the president again surrounded by the leaders of America’s anti-gay industry, individuals who make a living out of denigrating, demonizing and defaming gay people and our families. The fact that friends of the president say he doesn’t even care about this issue is proof-positive of the grip that the forces of religious and political intolerance have on the throat of America.

It is pure hypocrisy for the president to say that all Americans deserve to be treated with tolerance, respect and dignity, while he cozies up to these bigots.

In the not-too-distant future, those involved in this assault, and their descendants, will look back with shame and regret.

I doubt the FMA will pass – the votes don’t appear to be there. For all its flaws, Congress isn’t quite that hateful. But I fear the negative effects to come from the cynical call for this destructive bill, which only appeals to the worst in people.

Please, take action for the supposedly true American values of equality and justice for all under law: Call your senators via the Congressional Switchboard, 202-224-3121. Speak out against this proposed constitutional amendment. Remind lawmakers that equality for all under law is supposed to cover and protect all Americans, not only those with a government-approved god.

Oh, right: The anti-equality crowd is not equal under law either – its heterosexual members are superior under law. Wait – isn’t that reality an un-American concept?

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