Lieberman’s Conditional Defection

So, Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) — scared that he just may lose the Aug. 8 state primary election to progressive Democratic upstart Ned Lamont — announced a backup plan. Today, the pol known for supporting the Iraq invasion and occupation and sucking up to the Bushites insisted that he expects to beat Lamont. But if plans go awry, the incumbent says he will run in the general election as an unaffiliated candidate (technically, as a “petitioning Democrat”). Fear not, Dems: Jumpin’ Joe says he will serve as a Democrat.

Which means…. what? He’ll be part of the Democratic caucus? Big whoop. Why should anyone trust Lieberman to respect party or caucus rules or conventions? After all, his contingency plan allows him to circumvent the will of Dem voters should they choose to give the party’s nomination to challenger Lamont. Interestingly, that process was A-OK with the senator when Al Gore won the Democratic nomination for president in 2000 and named a certain history-making Connecticut lawmaker to be his running mate. Why doesn’t he trust the Dems to choose their nominee this time>

Not that it matters really. What’s in a name? However Lieberman labels himself, he will still be in the Bush brigade — and he still needs to go.

We already know where the pol stands on the issues, and as Ned Lamont is telling Constitution State Dems successfully, it isn’t with the people. What additional information does today’s announcement provide?

  1. Joe Lieberman doesn’t care about serving the people or respecting Democratic voters’ will or being loyal to his party.
  2. He cares about keeping his Senate seat, his job, his power.
  3. He is all about himself. Just look at all the news items hammering the notion that he is “fighting for his political life.”

Enough. Just slap the DINO label on his head and send him home to Hadassah.

If you are a registered Democratic voter in Connecticut, do yourself a favor, vote Lamont.

Will these DINOs become extinct? Original graphic from; alterations by Grateful Dread Design

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