Ken Lay’s Extreme Get Out of Jail Card

from DeathCentral:

Who: KENNETH LAY, founder and chief executive officer of Texas energy giant Enron Corp., which collapsed under the weight of the biggest business-corruption case in US history; convicted last May of conspiracy, fraud and making false statements; bilked thousands of employees out of their pensions and life savings while he grew rich; inspired actor Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of evil or misguided Lex Luthor in the hit film Superman Returns; son of a Baptist preacher; befriended GW Bush (who called his fellow oilman amigo “Kenny Boy”) and contributed a portion of his ill-gotten gains to Bush campaigns

When: July 5, 2006

Where: Aspen, CO

Age at Time of Death: 64

Cause of Death: a spokesperson says massive heart attack; final results pending autopsy

From Bloomberg:

Lay and his successor as Enron’s chief executive officer, Jeffrey Skilling, 52, were convicted May 2 of spearheading the fraud that plunged the world’s largest energy trading company into bankruptcy in December 2001. Lay and Skilling were scheduled to be sentenced in October. Lay, who was also convicted of bank fraud, was facing as much as 25 years in federal prison. …

Enron’s implosion from accounting fraud wiped out more than 5,000 jobs and $1 billion in employee pensions virtually overnight. Shareholders claimed more than $25 billion in losses as a result of the crime. Lay and Skilling were convicted of lying to investors about Enron’s debt and losses, much of which was hidden in off-the-books partnerships.

“Mr. Lay did pass during the night from what appears to have been a heart attack in Aspen, Colorado.” Lay’s defense lawyer Mike Ramsey said through a spokeswoman.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Pastor Steve Wende of First United Methodist Church of Houston, said in a statement that church member Lay died unexpectedly of a “massive coronary.”

Wende said Lay and his wife, Linda, were in Aspen, CO, for the week “and his death was totally unexpected. Apparently, his heart simply gave out.”

Death saved him from doing the time for his crime. Perhaps he will find justice at his next destination. – editor

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