ACTION ALERT: Stop Congress from Covering Bush’s Rear

As you probably know, the US House has already passed and the Senate is considering a GOP-backed move to toss out parts of the 1996 War Crimes Act, which makes torture a punishable felony. This is dangerous stuff, folks, and the Repug powers-that-be are fastracking the legislation in hopes of escaping public notice.

There’s more: According to CNN’s Jack Cafferty, the bill will also give Bush and his henchpersons retroactive immunity — a pardon in advance — for any war-crimes acts he may happen to commit during his “democracy-building” escapades.

Watch the video (it’s in Windows Media).

More on the story comes from The Nation

Now. Call your senators. NOW. Tell them you do not support giving Bush a free pass or in eradicating human-rights provisions of the War Crimes Act. Call them NOW. Tell everyone you know to call. And then call again.

The Congressional Switchboard is at 1-202-225-3121. Alternately,
go here: Just do it, please. As one ArmchairActivist listmember says, “This is it, folks, Bill Frist, Dennis Hastert and John McCain are trying to keep Bush out of prison. Please call right now! Please call all day!!!!”

The threat is real. As previously noted, the bill has already passed the House. Get busy.

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