Short but Sweet

Due to server maintenance, this week’s live show at Grateful Dread Radio will end an hour early (1 a.m. Eastern / 5 a.m. GMT). Drop by if you can — the music is fine and we have a really good time. Not quite sure what I’ll play. I broke my foot earlier today — ow — and that sorta played havoc with my best laid plans. Ah well, it’ll be a three-hour adventure. Come on by – we kick off in 15 minutes! (10 p.m. Eastern / 2 a.m. GMT).

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One thought on “Short but Sweet

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot, Natalie…
    Here’s to a swift recovery!
    If you need help “kicking off” anything, let me know. I used to be pretty good in soccer & kickball… (smiles)

    Thanks for posting on Ghandi.

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