Running Around with Taylor

Found this on and just had to share: Taylor Hicks (yes, the guy from American Idol, but he’s moving forward) made quite the ruckus in Burbank, CA, last night when he performed his upcoming single, “The Runaround,” on The Tonight Show. Man, oh, man, Hicks and his crack band rocked. Yes, we feature Taylor Hicks among the multitudes of musicians on Grateful Dread Radio, and yes, we’ve already preordered his eponymous “debut,” which lands Dec. 12. If you dig music with soul, so should you.

Anyway, on to Taylor. As my friend Jewels Richardson is known to say, groove on, Soulman.

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6 thoughts on “Running Around with Taylor

  1. Taylor sure sounded sweet on Leno; loved it when he shook his stuff all around! 😉 WOOO!
    Man, made my day when you mentioned my name.
    ((Big ol’ Virtual Hug))

  2. Thanks for sharing the Leno performance with us. You’re right — it’s a rockin’ song. Looking forward to hearing more of this album on your radio.

  3. Thanks for showing Taylor and the band some love.

    Be sure to check out his pre-idol stuff to tide you over ’til December 12th. There are some newly discovered tracks playing on GC radio and also many mp3’s for download under ‘Greatest Hits’ on

  4. JR, had to give credit where it was due. Glad to see you’re still sending out wonderful words about our boy.

    Malisa, we have his Under the Radar and In Your Time in our music library. “West Texas Sky” and Taylor’s “White Christmas” are in the present rotation. (“The Runaround” officially goes in the minute I get the OK to release it on radio.) GDR has been part of the Soul Patrol from day one.

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