Wednesday LIVE & Contest Reminder

We’re gearing up for today’s The Weekly Midday Live, which runs on Grateful Dread Radio from noon to 4 pm EST. Come on by for diverse groovaliciousness including new Beatles from the LOVE Mix, up-and-comer Josh Aran, holiday performances by Taylor Hicks and Sinead O’Connor, the Grateful Dead, newly released Bob Marley rehearsal performances that don’t sound like rehearsal, and much more. Seriously. Join us for a great time – and don’t forget: We’re compiling GDR’s kind-music top 100 of 2006 from listeners’ picks of the best. Send your top 10 to us along with your mailing info; 10 (ten) will be chosen at random to win a free 2007 Grateful Dread Radio calendar. For details and deadline info, see the radio home page. Now get to the LIVE!

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