Monday on GDR

Today… a brand-new week! (And hints of snow for the region surrounding Peace and Love Land… egad.)

How about those Grammy Awards? Right-wing pundits aren’t ready to make nice now… Swear to god, some are practically crying over the DEVASTATING news that the Dixie Chicks took Record, Song and Album of the Year. And they’re proving they still don’t know the difference between anti-Bush and anti-American. Ah, well… my advice — they should listen to GDR — they’ll hear great music and perhaps learn something…

On the main page, we’re still doing massive refurbishing, please pardon the dust. And while you’re at it, check out our Featured Artist — we’ll be spotlighting a new musician regularly, and the first is the talented singer-songwriter-pianist JUDE JOHNSTONE. Do check out her music, which is featured on Grateful Dread Radio.

On to today’s go-round of groovaliciousness and information. Do tune in… and do join us.

And now… TODAY ON GDR…

Overnight: The DiversityMix

8 AM ET (1 PM GMT): Free Speech Radio News

8:30 AM ET (1:30 PM GMT): NORML Weekly News

8:40 AM ET (1:40 PM GMT) Monday Morning: Singer-Songwriter Mix

NOON ET (5 PM GMT): Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman

4 PM ET (9 PM GMT): GDread Midday Groove – our kind, eclecic mix

8 PM ET (1 AM AGMT): GDread Monday Night – diverse sounds blended uniquely

10 PM ET (3 AM GMT): Democracy Now! w/ Amy Goodman

11 PM ET (4 AM GMT): Free Speech Radio News

11:30 PM ET (4:30 AM GMT): NORML Daily AudioStashFor Adults Only – news, music, public service & information

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