Let Them Play Hoops

Oh, what the hell. We love college b-ball as much as the next human. Yes, we’ve caught March Madness mania. And yes, we filled out a bracket for this year’s NCAA tournament. Take a look and see how badly — or how well — we do… So far, so good… I have a perfect bracket so far, save for one incorrect pick: Duke. I’m a Marylander (go TERPS! and congrats on beating Davidson in a tough game today), so Duke is The Enemy. The one time I want them to win…

Whatever. It’s early yet and there is plenty of opportunity for the bracket to implode, as it is wont to do. I’m playing it a little safe this year (no thoughts of Creighton or Gonzaga or, I dunno, Central Connecticut — no, wait, Ohio State picked them off earlier): I predict (hoping to be incorrect) that Maryland won’t go farther than the Sweet 16, that Florida and Ohio State will meet in the finals, and that Ohio State will be national champ.

Meaning… count on the winner being some other team.

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