Hit ‘Em in the Funnybone (And Don’t Mess with Viacom)…

Wayne Besen has long been a friend, colleague and comrade in causes. Today, taking on the largely useless and damaging specter of the ex-gay “pray away the gay, and if that doesn’t work, we have other ways” movement via cable TV’s Comedy Central, he is my comedic hero. Way to go, Wayne.

Y’know, I was going to post the YouTube clip, but realized that Comedy Central is a Viacom product, and Viacom is suing YouTube because the some of the video-share site’s users post Viacom program clips (unlike other media giants, Viacom doesn’t see the value in allowing its clips to be used by its viewers via Google-owned YouTube). With the impending doom of the RIAA’s threats to destroy Internet radio as we know it, I need no more potential trouble and unnecessary controversy. Instead, I’ll link directly to Comedy Central and you can view the video, Diagnosis: Mystery, there.

Don’t need no more steenkin’ problems, dammit.