GDR Early April Update

Man, are we busy! Here’s a brief update:

We are still expanding our programming lineup. If the schedule seems a little aquirrelly, that’s why — we’re doing surprise tests of news shows at different times to see what fits best.

And music! We want to remind unsigned (or signed) artists to send in their music so we can introduce them to our knowledgeable and passionate listeners. Artists who want us to consider material for air should send CDs to GDR – PO Box 32640 – Baltimore, MD, USA 21282 – ATTN: PD/MD. You must include a written and signed statement giving Grateful Dread Radio your permission to air your music royalty-free. (We are fully licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC & the foul Sound Exchange and we pay royalties — no worries. We support fair compensation. But we are a nonprofit public-service radio station that provides exposure to artists as part of our mission; those who can allow us to promote them without royalties will be able to continue to get airplay if the CRB pushes us to the point where we are forced to avoid any music by artists signed or unsigned who do not grant us royalty-free rights to play their music on-air on noninteractive radio (no downloads possible) for promotional purposes only. So if, say, Sting gives us written permission to play his stuff, we can continue to play him if the CRB’s already approved plan to screw netradio isn’t repealed.) There is method to the madness…

In addition, we are making the final steps before unveiling the new GDR Newsroom. (You should see this setup — awesome! We are recruiting a team of experienced journalists in various spots to keep us informed on news, issues, activism, culture and more. You’ll meet the entire team in time, but we can’t hide this news: noted alternative and queer-press reporter Kim Beavers (also a gifted and well-respected poet), will head our West Coast bureau. (I will head our East Coast bureau for the time being.)

Meanwhile, one of our members who wishes to remain anonymous has pitched in to help us with some much-needed computer upgrades. Another member made our new news-operation interface possible. came through with some marvelous promotional (and legal and royalty-free!) jamband music material just in time for summer. THANK YOU ALL!!!

These generous contributions are appreciated beyond words, however, but more assistance is necessary if needed hires can be made, improvements can be completed, and expenses involving acquiring necessary equipment (new sound card, another computer, Adobe Audition software, handheld digital recorders for news staff, obtaining and producing new programming and covering the CRB’s newly imposed increased royalty rates, rising energy prices and office costs, finding new digs (the latest challenge presenting itself). The first formal fund drive will kick off in the not too distant future (write me if you can donate items as thank-you gifts, and stay tuned, because it looks like we’re about to hire a new membership coordinator and she is tremendous!), but if you could help the GDR cause right now with a donation and/or through becoming a Supporting Member or Supporting Sponsor, you’ll be a real mission-saver. (Don’t forget, joining THE LIST is best way to stay in touch with all things GDR, have direct input into programming decisions and access to the staff, and build community to build a better world. Become a Supporting Member and get your name on THE LIST.)

More News to Come! We are on the move and with your help, your listenership, your support and your positive action in the world, we’ll get there and fulfill our mission.

Write me re: getting involved via financial contribution or donation of services, or if you have a hankering to join our news or development departments.


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One thought on “GDR Early April Update

  1. Hi there, Natalie!

    Now I know why I haven’t seen your name at Blog Critics Magazine. You’ve been a busy girl, I see.

    I saw an old article of yours on Dennis Kucinich and followed the URL link here.

    I wish you success with your internet radio venture. But please do try to have a little more balanced reportage on my neck of the woods…

    Blessings from Ma’aleh Levona,

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