Celebrate Earth Day Weekend with GDR

“Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau,” written by folksinger and tree hugger Michael Johnathon, is being performed in colleges, theaters and schools worldwide in recognition of Earth Day. Stations across the country will broadcast the Walden Radio Drama this week in recognition of EARTH DAY, among them GRATEFUL DREAD PUBLIC RADIO at http://gdreadradio.net, which will air the drama on Friday, April 20, at 8PM and Sunday, April 22 at 3 PM (both Eastern Time; adjust for your local time zone).

“In an age of global warming, bio-fuels, hybrid cars and oil wars,” says play author Michael Johnathon from his farmhouse home in Kentucky, “the play can introduce students to Thoreau as well as environmental concerns in their own home towns at a time when, frankly, they need it.”

Over 3,992 venues from far away as South Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Belgium, Australia, Ireland, England, Germany, Israel, Canada… even Damascus, Syria … and the across the USA are presenting the play as an Earth Day 2007 event.

Henry David Thoreau is considered America’s original “tree hugger” and forefather of our environmental movement. He was a gentle naturalist, earth lover, author, pencil-maker … and is the most quoted American writer in history. Yet, when he passed, he was better known for having helped market the pencil than for a single word he wrote with it.

The play has also been produced as a drama in the style of the 1940’s and 50’s radio plays and will be broadcast on over 500 radio stations, internet broadcasters and XM Satellite Radio. The radio drama features actor Ryan Case as Thoreau, Edmund Desiato as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ross Carter portrays the common man character of Joshua Barnett and Tara Adkins plays Rachel Stuers.

The Walden play is provided free to schools, theaters and public radio by Dixon-Ticonderoga and supported by Earth Day Network, American Forests, Kentucky Earth Day and EarthCARE Canada. Information about the Walden project is online at waldenplay.com .

Oh, we’re all about the planet at Grateful Dread Radio…

Don’t miss the full Earth Day celebration on GDR: At 1PM Eastern on Sunday, April 22, we will air EcoShock Radio’s fabulous Environmental Solutions Mix, followed by cool tunes, special episodes of Grist Environmental News and America the Green, an interview with Al Franken and noted eco-activist Robert Kennedy Jr., and the Earth Day-themed radio drama “Walden,” and listen for special “green” tips and public service announcements throughout the weekend.

Let’s do it. Let’s band together to save our damaged and hurting planet. It’s the only one we have.

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