May 15, if Congress doesn’t ride in like the cavalry, will be the Day the Music (and News) Dies. Most of Internet radio will cease to be and a few fatcats will laugh themselves all the way to the bank.

Is that what you want? Please call your Congressperson. Please support Grateful Dread Radio. All details are available by clicking the above graphic. Please: Help save Internet radio so it can bring you the artists, news, issues and points of view that mainstream radio won’t.

Apparently, Internet broadcasters across the country will give listeners a taste of what the threatened radio silence will be like: On May 8, a week before D-Day, much of netradio will fall quiet in protest of the greedy, rapacious actions of the Copyright Royalty Board and the RIAA. So if you hear nothing on the air that day, that’s why.

New wrinkle in the situation: Many netcasters say they will shun RIAA music and artists after May 15. Not good enough, I hate to tell you. I got this straight from the head guy at evil royalties organization SoundExchange: The group says it has the right to collect fees for ALL artists, even non-RIAA artists (most of the artists don’t know this) and even if the artist would prefer that SoundExchange didn’t. That’s right, broadcasters: Even if you have signed agreements with individual artists to play their songs promotionally, you will still be responsible for paying royalties. Fair? Hell no. Please stand up and don’t allow this.

Do you really want ALL your radio choices to be dictated by Clearchannel and Infinity and a few really rich corporations? Because that is what those fatcats want — your undivided attention and your money and your obedience. Don’t give them what they want. Stand for fairness. Stand for freedom. Stand for the right to choose to hear indie artists and alternative news and POVs — while you have that chance.

Save Internet radio!!!

P.S. Have not decided whether GDR will take part in the May 8 Day of Silence. Any opinions on the matter are much appreciated as management considers its plans — please tell us what you think via comments or email.

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3 thoughts on “Again: SAVE INTERNET RADIO

  1. I’d say participate. The problem will be that people may not know why they are “hearing” dead air. So maybe some kind of message driving people to might be the answer.

  2. RD, thanks!!! I can always count on you and appreciate it more than expressable.

    ABFS: Thanks for your thoughts. I am leaning in that exact direction. There is new news, though: The CRB has given a 45-day extension before the new (and retroactive) rates kick in, so we have until June to convince Congress and the American people to do the right thing. And that offers me time to figure out what to do if Congress and the people opt to leave us to die. I received email from a bigwig at SoundExchange, and he says that the only protection for broadcasters like myself is to abandon music programming altogether, because it turns out that ANY song — major-label or independent, RIAA member or not, whether the artist WANTS SoundEx to collect for them — must be paid for each and every time it airs and for each and every person listening at the time (note: this doesn’t apply to trad-radio, which is egregiously unjust). There is NO way, unless listeners start joining the station in droves RIGHT NOW (and I wish you all would; the effort needs the help), that we will be able to afford music exposure for even indie artists who give us written permission to play their stuff — SoundEx says that even a written affidavit can’t stop them from collecting. Which means we go news/talk 24/7. I am fine with that, but it isn’t exactly what this programmer had in mind when envisioning what GDR would be. But save a huge increase of public support for this public-radio effort and a repeal of the CRB actions by lawmakers, my hands are tied.

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