Watch Out for the Soldiers

You’ll no doubt recall that last September, the US Congress passed the Defense Authorization Act of 2006. The new law gives George Bush nearly limitless power on a silver platter, giving the president the authority to impose martial law pretty much whenever he determines the public order has been disrupted, be the event some undefined terrorist “incident,” a devastating earthquake… or a peace rally. I’m sure you’ll also remember this Act, which nukes a major part of the checks and balances established in 1807 to protect the citizenry from the soldiers, was the product of an enthusiastic bipartisan alliance of strange bedfellows.

Oh, don’t feel bad if you don’t remember this. The mainstream media had little to say on the matter at the time.

Months later, James Bovard of Z Magazine Online reports that people are taking notice now and making like David Byrne: How did we get here?

Read it: Working for the Clampdown

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