Tommy Makem 1932 – 2007

Most sad news from the world of folk music…

World-acclaimed Irish singer, songwriter Tommy Makem dies in N.H. –

Grateful Dread Public Radio will pay tribute to the legendary Tommy Makem tonight during Friday Folk, Blues & Roots at 8pm Eastern time. Check it out at

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2 thoughts on “Tommy Makem 1932 – 2007


    To memory now we will recall our most famous minstrel son.
    And fill to you the parting glass,
    Goodbye and joy be with you .

    But since it falls unto our lot
    That you should rise and we should not.
    We’ll gently raise our parting glass as we softly say
    Goodbye and joy be with you, our most famous minstrel son.
    We dearly wish in this your town,
    made so famous across the lands by your five string banjo, penny whistle and jaunty dulcet tones.

    That if only you could sit awhile more with your own ones, but you must rise and we must
    fill this parting glass.
    Goodbye and God be with you, our famous minstrel son.

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