GDPR: 8/13 Progressive Monday

Great lineup of progressive news and talk on tap today: Grateful Dread Public Radio’s PROGRESSIVE MONDAY kicks off at 4pm Eastern, following our Midday Groove (1p-4p ET), which features our multigenre mix, including the music of birthday boy Dan Fogelberg. Don’t miss the Groove or the Prog!

Again, all times are Eastern; please adjust accordingly.

4:00PM – AVALON FARMCAST – Horsewoman, farmer, activist and musician Valerie Reynolds, in this episode first broadcast from her Tennessee farm in April, discusses problems with mainstream corporate-owned media in the U.S. and how it damages American society and democracy.

4:40PM – THE WEEKLY GRIST –’s weekly round-up of environmental news including controversial and allegedly anti-green border-fence plans, news on US House passage of a green-ish energy bill and more.

4:50PM – NORML WEEKLY NEWS – Among the stories covered: Failed Pot Prohibition ‘Celebrates’ 70-Year Anniversary; NORML responds to a new rash of reports claiming marijuana use can mental-health concerns

5:00PM – BASHAM & CORNELL – Doug and Lydia take on the right wing and then interview Democractic presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS

6:00PM – BLAST THE RIGHT – Jack Clark talks with constitutional scholar BRUCE FEIN, a conservative whose group, American Freedom Agenda, is calling for presidential candidates to sign a pledge to reverse Dubya’s constitutional abuses.

6:40PM – WEEKLY RADIO SPIN – Paul Dane spotlights the mainstream media and how it has spun the news this week.

6:45PM – MEDIA MINUTES – On this week’s show, the reporters focus on rising support for the Local Community Radio Act in Congress (the result of lobbying by Low-Power FM activists); also, a strong public outcry against onerous requirements for photographers and filmmakers in New York City has the Mayor’s office redrafting the regulations.

6:50PM – A NATION DECEIVED #43 – Host Sanjiv Manifest talks with activist David Swanson (Washington Director, Board Member Progressive Democrats of America and Creator of about the latest doings in the movement to Impeach Bush and Cheney.

7:00PM – A NATION DECEIVED #42 – Craig S. Barnes comments on Rule of Law, its historical perspective and how it relates to the recent (and perilous for outspoken progressives) executive power-grabs of the new millennium’s King George. Recorded at the Universalist Unitarian Church of Santa Fe, NM, on July 22, 2007.

7:30PM – THE PROGRESSIVE POINT OF VIEW – Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive opinionizes about George Bush’s 8/9 press conference, which was, to many observers, “startling.”

7:31PM – BUILDING BRIDGES – Hosts Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash discuss controversy at the A&P and in Colombia: Workers have brought grocery chain A & P to court claiming systematic denial of overtime pay, and at a crucial time when the Bush Administration is pushing for a new Free Trade Agreement, Colombian trade unionists detail deadly labor rights abuses in that country.

8:00PM – ALTERNATIVE RADIO – David Barsamian talks media reform with esteemed journalist BILL MOYERS.

9:00PM – ALTERNATIVE RADIO BestOf – A fascinating chat with preeminent historian Eric Foner on defining who is an American.

Progressive Mondays, as always, is followed at 10PM Eastern by DEMOCRACY NOW! – The War and Peace Report, FREE SPEECH RADIO NEWS, a fresh PROGRESSIVE POV and NORML DAILY AUDIOSTASH. Join us — listen, get informed, and get involved in making this a better nation and world.

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