Not So Fast, MC Rove… and Other PM Headlines

Democrats vow pursuit of Rove – Financial Times –

Democratic leaders in the US Congress want to question [George Bush’s chief political adviser Karl Rove] about the sacking of several federal prosecutors last year, amid allegations that the White House ordered the purge for political reasons.

The case is the most prominent in a series of inquiries into alleged abuse of power by the administration, with the White House accused of politicising large parts of the federal government.

Heads up, parents — more troubles for Mattel Toys:

Mattel recalls even more Chinese-made toys — 18 million of them — over fears surrounding lead paint and dangerously small magnets – Guardian Unlimited

More carnage in Iraq:

Iraqi Military Says 175 Killed, 200 Wounded in 4 Bombings — New York Times

Crumbling infrastructure isn’t only an American problem:

Dozens dead in Chinese bridge collapse — Herald Sun

A shakeup in Canada’s government:

O’Connor dropped from Defence, Mackay moved from Foreign — Globe and Mail

60 injured; two critically wounded in Russian rail tragedy:

Russian train derailment likely due to bomb–authorities – (Philippines)

Potentially perilous repairs needed for space shuttle Endeavour:

Mission Endeavour: Astronauts to Repair ISS Gyroscope in Spacewalk —

Apparently, “innocent until proven guilty” won’t be necessary in the case of a US professional football player charged with staging vicious dog fights at his estate:

Because, as ESPN reports, two of his co-defendants say they will plead guilty and might testify against the Atlanta Falcons quarterback (which could lead to further charges), Michael Vick’s attorneys are seeking a plea deal, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Fired shock jock Don Imus settles his way to the bank — and may be on his way back to the airwaves:

CBS settles with Don Imus