GDPR: 8/20 Progressive Monday

Don’t miss today’s lineup of progressive news and talk: Grateful Dread Public Radio‘s PROGRESSIVE MONDAY kicks off at 4pm Eastern, following our Midday Groove (1p-4p ET), which features our multigenre mix. Listen… and be in the know.

Again, all times are Eastern; please adjust accordingly.

4:00PM – AVALON FARMCAST – Horsewoman, farmer, activist and musician Valerie Reynolds offers a crispy farm report and, with partner Emily, heads to this year’s Michigan Womyns’ Music Festival.

5:00PM – BASHAM & CORNELL – Doug and Lydia take on the right wing and then interview Sen. BYRON DORGEN (D-ND) about matters in George W. Bush’s America.

5:55PM – UNICEF RADIO – A report on relief efforts for last week’s devastating earthquake in Peru.

6:00PM – BLAST THE RIGHT – Jack Clark schools us on the GOP and its embrace of torture.

6:30PM – SIERRA CLUB RADIO – Lots of green news: New Yorker staff writer, Elizabeth Kolbert, on the mysterious disappearance of bees; Jennifer Hattam on remodeling green, part II; Melissa Damaschke shares an activist update from the heart of car country: Detroit, Michigan; and Summer Rayne Oakes, eco-model, on sustainability in the fashion industry. Orli Cotel hosts.

7:00PM – BUILDING BRIDGES – Hosts Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash discuss safety issues in the tragic Utah mine disaster and Federal mine safety legislation and enforcement. Next, they take on the factors that led to instability in financial markets and focus on the housing bubble.

7:30PM – A NATION DECEIVED #44 – Host Sanjiv Manifest talks with DAVE LINDORFF (Journalist, Co-author The Case for Impeachment: Legal Arguments for Removing President George W. Bush from Office) about his perspective on the latest happenings in the movement to impeach Bush and Cheney.

7:45PM – A NATION DECEIVED #45 – Sanjiv Manifest and activist DAVID SWANSON (Washington Director, Board Member PDA, Creator discuss impeachment.

8:00PM – ALTERNATIVE RADIO – David Barsamian talks media reform with journalist CHRIS HEDGES, author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.

9:00PM – ALTERNATIVE RADIO BestOf – A fascinating chat with radio host and author LAURA FLANDERS (Air America’s “Radio Nation”; Real Majority, Media Minority, Bushwomen, Blue Grit) on apathy in the electorate and the growing number of Americans dissatisfied with the Democrats and the Republicans.

Progressive Mondays, as always, is followed at 10PM Eastern by DEMOCRACY NOW! – The War and Peace Report, FREE SPEECH RADIO NEWS, a fresh PROGRESSIVE POV and NORML DAILY AUDIOSTASH. Join us — listen, get informed, and get involved in making this a better nation and world.

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