Black Hawk Down… & other PM Headlines

A US helicopter’s nighttime mission in northern Iraq leads to the deadliest military crash since January 2005.

14 US soldiers die in helicopter crash – AP

Iraq PM Lashes Out: Nuri al-Maliki isn’t taking US critiques weli.

Iraqi leader bristles as tensions grow with US – Reuters

Dubya Committed to Staying the Course: Comparing the Iraq action to the Vietnam and Korean conflicts, George W. Bush targets emotions in attempt to make his pro-war case before a Kansas audience.

Bush puts case for Iraq stay – Sydney Morning Herald

Utah Mine Search Will Continue: After enduring criticism, the mine chief says the search for six trapped miners in the “evil mountain” will go on throughout the weekend.

Utah Mine Boss: Days of Searching Ahead – Forbes

Safe and Sound: Despite shuttle’s gouge, the Endeavour makes a picture-perfect landing at Kennedy Space Center.

Endeavour crew safely back on Earth – Bloomberg

Darfur Peace Talks?: Sudan’s special envoy says an effort to end the four-year conflict could start in October.

Darfur peace talks may open in October: African Union