GDPR: 8/27 Progressive Monday

Don’t miss today’s lineup of progressive news and talk: Grateful Dread Public Radio‘s PROGRESSIVE MONDAY begins at 4pm Eastern, following our Midday Groove (1p-4p ET), which features our multigenre mix. Listen… and be in the know.

Again, all times are Eastern; please adjust accordingly.

4:00PM – AVALON FARMCAST – Horsewoman, farmer, activist and musician Valerie Reynolds offers a crispy farm report and, with partner Emily, heads to this year’s Michigan Womyns’ Music Festival.

5:00PM – BASHAM & CORNELL – Lydia’s off, so Doug takes on matters surrounding progressive noncorporate media and surviving life in George W. Bush’s America.

6:00PM – BLAST THE RIGHT – Jack Clark schools us on “Busting The Right’s Lies,” with a focus on debunking GOP myths about universal health coverage. Plus, Jack nominates Robert Bork for the Hypocrites Hall Of Shame.

6:30PM – TALK NATION RADIO – Dr. Charles Prewitt, chemist and former professor in the UNESCO Peace Studies Department at the University of Connecticut, speaks on the Manhattan Project, executive orders, and the risk of a police state.

7:00PM – A NATION DECEIVED #47 – Host Robert Hatchell talks with Dr. Bruce Russell, professor of Sociology and Criminology and founder of Montana Partners for Impeachment (MPFI), about the need to impeach Bush and Cheney.

8:00PM – ALTERNATIVE RADIO – David Barsamian talks with renowned writer TARIQ AZIZ, editor of London’s New Left Reviewand author of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Axis of Hope, about the folly of US interventionist foreign policy and why so many American leaders oppose independent nationalism in other countries.

9:00PM – ALTERNATIVE RADIO – Barsamian interviews award-winning journalist Jeremy Scahill, author of the bestseller Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army and a frequent contributor to The Nation and “Democracy Now!,” about the huge role private contractors play in the US’s occupation of Iraq.

Progressive Mondays, as always, is followed at 10PM Eastern by DEMOCRACY NOW! – The War and Peace Report, FREE SPEECH RADIO NEWS, a fresh PROGRESSIVE POV and NORML DAILY AUDIOSTASH. Join us — listen, get informed, and get involved in making this a better nation and world. And support noncorporate media and broadcasters who make this vital programming available — you can do that by making a contribution to GDPR. It would be a big help — invoices are arriving daily.

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