Katrina Anniversary… and Other AM Headlines

Two Years Later: George W. Bush will mark the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina today by touring still-devastated New Orleans. He is expected to praise those who “dedicated their lives to the renewal of” the Big Easy, but others criticize Bush and his administration for not doing nearly enough for those still suffering.

Bush to Tour New Orleans – washingtonpost.com

White House Statements Dishonest, Federal Rebuilding in Gulf Coast is Insufficient on Katrina Anniversary, Need Renewed Effort – Comment by Jeffrey Buchanan of RFK Memorial

Any success in Gulf Coast rebuilding is due to volunteers – Disaster News Network

The long slog after Katrina – Boston Globe

Disaster leaves behind a tale of two cities – MSNBC

Op-Ed Contributors Op-Chart: An Update on the State of New Orleans – NY Times


Dubya to Ask Congress for $$$: 47 million Americans, according to census reports, are without health insurance. Naturally, George Bush wants to raise about $50 billion in funding… for his Iraq occupation.

Bush Will Ask for More War Funds – washingtonpost.com

Sweet Release: Officials in Seoul say three South Korean women taken hostage nearly six weeks ago by Afghanistan’s Taliban are now free.

S. Korea confirms 3 hostages freed in Afghanistan – Forbes

And an update…: The International Herald Tribune reports the Taliban now has released eight of its 19 Korean hostages.

More Iraq Curfews: Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki declared an indefinite curfew in the holy city of Karbala today following vicious riots that left at least 49 people dead.

Riots at Iraqi Religious Festival Leave Dozens Dead – washingtonpost.com

Mixed Judgment: The only US Army officer charged with torturing prisoners held by Bush troops at Iran’s Abu Ghraib prison was acquitted of abuse by a military court, but the same jury found him guilty of disobeying an order not to discuss an inquiry into the case.

Officer found not guilty of Abu Ghraib torture – washingtonpost.com

Pakistan Power-Sharing Pact Close at Hand: An agreement to share power between Pakistan’s controversial President Pervez Musharraf and former PM Benazir Bhutto is almost a done deal.

Musharraf-Bhutto pact almost final – Reuters

Craig, Wife in Tow, Strikes Back: Idaho GOP Sen. Larry Craig is sticking to his story and wants forgiveness: Yes, he was in that fateful men’s room. Yes, he agreed to plead guilty. But he swears he’s innocent of soliciting a man for sex, he’s not gay, he won’t give up, and – lest anyone misconstrue anything – he is not gay and never has been.

Sen. Craig Lashes Out at Newspaper for Gay Trysts Story – FOX News

Labor Chooses: Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton wins the campaign’s first union endorsement – a coveted one from the United Transportation Union — but the very powerful firefighters’ union’s choice is under-the-radar candidate Christopher Dodd.

Major labor endorsement goes to Dodd – Boston Globe

Makin’ Like Gore: Democratic presidential wannabe John Edwards, also vying for union support, told the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union that it’s time for Americans to give up their gas-guzzling SUVs.

Edwards: Americans should sacrifice their SUVs – ABC News 13, Western NC

Castro’s Prez Pick: Cuban leader Fidel Castro, even from his sickbed, still pays attention to politics. And in his opinion, the best US presidential ticket would be one that pairs Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Castro’s tip: Clinton-Obama the winning ticket – Reuters

Music icon ailing: Blues legend Bo Diddley reportedly suffered a heart attack while undergoing a medical checkup at a Florida hospital. After spending a couple of days in intensive care, the bespectacled 78-year-old, who recently has battled diabetes and the effects of a May 2007 stroke, is said to be in stable condition.

Bo Diddley suffers heart attack – BBC News