We Said Craig’s Resignation Was “Probable”…

Reports indicate that Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) may be having second thoughts about giving up his seat after news broke last week of his arrest and guilty plea involving a June men’s room sting in a Minnesota airport. (Are do-overs allowed in the Senate?)

Craig Reconsiders Decision to Resign – AP


2 thoughts on “We Said Craig’s Resignation Was “Probable”…

  1. Ahhh…. the wonders of announcing one’s intent to resign at some future date, as opposed to tendering the resignation today with a future effective date!

    I’m intrigued to see how many news outlets didn’t catch that linguistic slight-of-hand in this resignation-heavy week. Even Olbermann and Cillizza missed it tonight.

    Take care, Natalie…

  2. I heard the local newsreaders chattering about it at 6:30 am. Cracked me up especially when CBS’ Bob Schieffer chimed in about nothing going well for Craig — apparently someone got hold of a snippet of a phone call he made to a lawyer saying that the was “railroaded” into announcing his resignation. I almost feel sorry for the GOP, which just wants this guy gone.

    As for “probable,” well let’s chalk it up to a lot of experience with Republican hubris and a lifelong passion for linguistic precision. Olbermann the Great and Cillizza missed it, huh? At least they have big paychecks to ease the pain. 🙂

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