Health Roundup

Just a few items pertaining to medical news…

New Hope for People with HIV/AIDS: A new HIV drug gained a US Food and Drug Administration panel’s recommendation to win rapid government approval. If the FDA allows the drug to hit the market, Isentress will become available, offering HIV patients a new way to fight the still-incurable disease.

FDA Panel Backs New HIV Drug – WebMD

“Friggin’ Unbelievable”: One food manufacturer is removing the flavoring diacetyl from its microwave-popcorn products following the news that the substance that gives fake butter its fake-butter taste and aroma can cause the rare but serious and incurable lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans when inhaled. Though the malady affects many employees at artificial-butter plants, doctors are treating one popcorn consumer, not a factory worker, who came down with the disease.

Popcorn Lung Victim Inhaled Fumes Daily – AP

Watch Out for Mosquitos: Five people in Illinois have been diagnosed with West Nile Virus. “Although it is after Labor Day and many summer activities, like swimming, are winding down, late summer is the peak for the house mosquito and this is the riskiest time of the year for West Nile virus,” says Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, Illinois public health director. “People need to remain vigilant and take preventive measures against mosquito bites. We still may have another month of hot summer temperatures and possibly more warm weather in the fall.” So far, one Illinois man is dead from the virus in 2007; there were 10 related deaths recorded in the state last year.

5 More Illinoisans Diagnosed with West Nile Virus –

Bird Flu Takes Another Life: A 33-year-old man is the 85th person to die from bird flu in Indonesia, the country hit hardest by the growing pandemic. And Australia is getting worried.

Indonesia reports 85th Bird Flu Death – PakTribune

What Parent Doesn’t Know This Already?: A new British study shows conclusively what those of us with offspring have been saying for years – certain additives and flavorings in foods can make kids hyperactive.

“A mix of additives commonly found in children’s foods increases the mean level of hyperactivity,” wrote the researchers, who were led by Jim Stevenson at the University of Southampton. “The finding lends strong support for the case that food additives exacerbate hyperactive behaviors (inattention, impulsivity and overactivity) at least into middle childhood.”

We say give your kid a well-washed apple.

Study examines perils of food additives – International Herald Tribune