Commentary: Kathy Griffin Is on Our A-List

The Associated Press: Griffin’s Emmy Remarks to Be Censored

This is my opinion, not the station’s, not the staffers’, mine.

First, congrats to comedian Kathy Griffin, one, for winning a much-deserved Emmy Award for her reality show My Life on the D-List (which, in my opinion, deserved the crown; I so love that show), and two, for giving the awards speech I’ve always wanted to give.

Here is what she said:

A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus… Suck it, Jesus. This award is my God now.

(I laughed as my fingers flew across the keyboard…)

Now, that couldn’t have been easy to hear for humor-challenged and (perhaps secretly) doubt-plagued people of faith (caveat: many people of faith have great senses of humor, so this is not a swipe at all religious folk by any means). But hey, I have to listen to myriad humans natter on about God after they’ve won some meaningless prize or sporting challenge. I have to listen to people use God to justify their own acts of murder and bigotry and discrimination and hatred (which actually IS obscene). I have to listen to people prattle about Jesus just about every day. And that’s cool, free speech and all. But in that spirit, it’s about time another point of view was heard, even if presented in jest.

So what if millions of Americans were offended by Griffin’s remarks? Millions are offended by having various deities shoved into their faces against their will day after day after day — and we’re all supposed to accept it quietly and gracefully. Why can’t kvetching religionistas do the same and move on?

And so what if the Catholic League finds Griffin’s proclamation that Jesus had nothing to do with her Emmy win obscene or anti-Jesus? Doesn’t Jesus have bigger things to worry about, say, in Darfur, in Iraq, in Israel and Palestine, in the Ivory Coast, in eastern Europe, in these United States, in certain Catholic rectories? Hell, GDPR could surely use his help with our dire financial problems, but the alleged savior isn’t paying attention to our pleas. And that’s OK. No doubt he has a huge to-do list.

And, “suck it, Jesus,” may be harsh, but people, it’s COMEDY. And that line is funny primarily because you would never expect it to be heard. In my book, that makes it ripe for saying.

Another thought: What if she had thanked Allah or Shiva or a Wiccan deity – or the memory of Madalyn Murray O’Hair? What if she had praised Snuffleupagus or the Great Pumpkin for their assistance or guidance or cosmic boost? Would that have been acceptable?

People should thank whomever they want and if someone is offended, well, let them be offended. Jesus, I’m offended every frickin’ day and networks and entertainment-industry academies don’t censor anything to protect my delicate sensibilities. The difference: I neither ask nor expect them to do so.

By the by, as did Gandhi, I happen to love Jesus and his message. I worry about many of his followers and those who toss about his name, but J.C. rocks. And I’ll bet he laughed his allegedly divine ass off at Griffin too. He may be the superhuman Son of God, but surely he can see what a mess this world is. You either have to laugh or weep. And Kathy Griffin’s line was funny. If Jesus didn’t laugh, then I would be worried.

On another Emmy topic, kudos to the incredible Elaine Stritch, who won for her guest turn on NBC’s 30 Rock. And Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake also won a creative Emmy for their very popular and funny Saturday Night Life song spoof, “**** in a Box.” Will they perform it on the big night — and will they do so without the ubiquitous bleep? Doubtful. Chances are the only dick I’ll hear amplified by my 19-inch box will be Ryan Seacrest.

Humor, Seacrest fans. If the Son of God can take it, so can you.