GDPR: 9/11 Program Note

Obviously, this is a solemn day: People throughout the US and the world will stop to recall those lost six years ago today in jihadist attacks on New York, Pennsylvania and Washington and in other crimes against humankind, to remember those still coping with personal loss (including members of our collective), and to send out a wish for the world. To that end, from 1-8PM Eastern time, Grateful Dread Public Radio, your progressive Internet public Radio, marks the sixth anniversary of the horror of September 11, 2001, by sending out our call — for peace and justice. Also, starting at 4pm Eastern, we will broadcast excerpts of Democracy Now’s historic 9/11/2001 coverage from New York City with anchor Amy Goodman. Please join us for diverse sounds, community through shared memory, and a huge dose of peace, love and understanding.

Please feel free to share any thoughts, wishes, memories or whatever in Comments. On this difficult day and every day, GDPR wishes you and all peace, love, hope and positivity.

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