Jena 6 Rally in Louisiana

Thousands Rally in La. to Support Jena 6 – AP

Commentary: There is no doubt that people of differing hues receive different brands of “justice” in US courts and in society. But should a hate-crime victim’s violent reaction to a vile act absolve them of responsibility for the damage done during the reaction? While the issue of “racial” disparity in law enforcement must be tackled, I suspect the Jena 6 case is the wrong one to use as a model. Beating someone up — despite any professed or proven motivation for violence — is never justified.


One thought on “Jena 6 Rally in Louisiana

  1. We’ve spent a day thoroughly investigating the Jena 6 case and numerous instances of judicial injustice in this country to try and get a handle on why so many people are saying “Free the Jena 6.” While we still don’t see the wisdom of cries to “free” people found guilty of beating someone to a pulp — and we certainly don’t condone those cries — we have to admit: It appears in Jena (and in many other localities) that those blessed/cursed with an abundance of melanin tend to receive harsher punishments than those in the skin-color majority. We definitely add our voices to the call for equal justice. In Jena, that means that the kids with nooses and the kids who used fists and feet to pummel another kid should pay an appropriate and just price for their crimes IF they are found guilty. Here, it appears only dark-hued humans are being punished, and that is wrong on every level.

    Oh, and another thought re: Al Sharpton: THIS is the new civil rights movement? Honey, for some of us, the civil rights fight never ended, and it encompasses more than melanin minorities, it includes GLBT people, the elderly, the differently abled and bodied. Where are you when we are crying out for justice? (The same could be asked of many who call themselves “progressive.”)

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