Dire Straits – And We’re Not Talking Mark Knopfler’s Band…

Update: As of today, we still have not reached our goal and notice has arrived with news that we could be forced to vacate the station’s premises as soon as Oct. 1. If you haven’t given, please do, and please do it now. Thanks.

GDPR is in the midst of a serious financial crisis and is in danger of losing its operating space very soon. Anyone who can make a contribution toward keeping us alive, on air, and fulfilling our community service mission, we ask you to do it NOW as we have UNTIL OCT. 1. If you are interested in helping GDPR during VERY dark days, please email gdrinfo@gmail.com for details or use the Paypal link below, which can be used for credit-card contributions.

For 11 years, the Armchair Activist/GDPR project has worked tirelessly to present sounds and ideas generally ignored by mainstream corporate media. We have brought thousands to activism for a better world. We have given exposure to indie artists you won’t hear on mass market-approved ClearChannel outlets. We have reported important news stories and given a platform to many important voices. We have done this for no reward save the hope of a better world. This mission is our everything… and to continue, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Give a little, give a lot, give whatever you can. ALL proceeds will go toward GDPR operations.

We apologize for the public plea, but we believe our mission is an important one and our listeners tell us the work we do is vital. Please help the mission and this important work to continue and thrive. We wouldn’t ask if the need were not urgent.


Contributions are NOT tax-deductible until we obtain government nonprofit standing or win approval from a fiscal sponsor. Both cost money we do not have at this time.