GDPR Thanksgiving Dinner

Tired of seeing/hearing the nation’s mainstreamers whipped into a frenzy over celebrating genocide and eating themselves into comas?

You have an alternative:


1 PM Eastern time

Themed multigenre music, progressive news/talk programming covering points of views on the holiday that may not jibe with the mainstream sensibility (including Native perspectives), classic old-time radio theater, comedy, food talk and MORE.

Here’s the schedule:

1:00 ET

Radio play “Pilgrims!,” an alternative history of Thanksgiving and, despite the comedic and ironic tone, one mostly derived from journals, speeches, and other historical documents. Not for fans of pilgrims, capitalists, or modern American mythology. Written by Gwen Sanchirico & Robert McMinn. Performed and produced by the Sagebrush Variety Show with support from Boise Community Radio

Themed Music

1:30 ET

T-Day edition of the National Radio Project‘s “Making Contact” presents “The Gathering – A Modern Thanksgiving Story,” a look into gatherings between Native Americans and Non-Native Americans to discuss meaningful ways of living together and rectifying relationships between First Nation and North American peoples

2:00 ET

Themed Music

Three “Thanksgiving Flash Dramas” written by Robert McMinn; performed and produced by the Sagebrush Variety Show with support from Boise Community Radio.

Themed Music

2:30 ET

TUC Radio Thanksgiving Hour w/ Maria Gilardin: in the first half hour, “A Little Matter of Genocide,” an interview with author Ward Churchill; then Ignacio Chapela from the University of California, Berkeley, tells “A Story about Corn.” Prof. Chapela discovered that genetically modified corn had contaminated the cradle of corn in the remote mountains of Oaxaca, where Zapotecan Indians cultivated the sacred grain of America’s Indigenous peoples for more than 10,000 years.

3:30 ET

Thanksgiving Flashback,” a classic episode of the old-time radio comedy “Life of Riley” starring William Bendix; first aired Nov. 19, 1948

4:00 ET

Themed Music / Comedy

4:30 ET

Honoring Mother Earth/Indigenous Voices,” a production of the Yaat Kitischee Native Center and Wolf Mountain Radio, presents “Thanksgiving Day Blues,” an interview with nationally respected Native American author Gabe Horn, who talks about the cultural history of colonial relations between indigenous peoples and Euro-Americans in North America

5:30 ET

Themed Music

6:00 – 8:00 ET

Themed Music – Reports have come in that Santa Claus was sighted in New York City’s Herald Square, so the themes now include Chanukah and Christmas

Join us, and come hungry! We wish you happy holidays.


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