New Phone Number!

GDPR has a brand-new phone number, effective today: (443) 548-2926. If you have the old number in your records, please replace it with this one. And give us a call, with questions, suggestions, tuna recipes, what have you. No solicitations, please; we prefer to be sold something via e-mail (and NOT by spammers).

Additonally, we have a new listener comment line. This line — which also serves as our FAX line — is for those who want to leave a message for possible airing on GDPR. The number (yes, it’s not based in Maryland) is (206) 350-5623. Give us a ring and share your thoughts on the station, current events, activism, or whatever. Perhaps holiday wishes for the world? We would love to hear from you.


Grateful Dread Public Radio Main Office Line:(443) 548-2926

GDPR Listener Comment / FAX line:

(206) 350-5623