Updating Contact Info; Member Drive

There has been some confusion over mailing address information. All has been resolved and here is the current and correct info:

Grateful Dread Public Radio /GDPR-NVPR
c/o NR Davis, Program/Music Director
PO Box 32640
Baltimore, MD  21282
(800) 519-4610

Now, you knew this was coming, so please keep reading: The SPRING MEMBERSHIP DRIVE is now under way. We survived a harrowing winter only barely, and we’ll get through spring and into summer and fall only with your support. If we cannot find significant financial support, we cannot keep this effort going. Plain. Simple. True.

We need a few large donations, or some small ones that repeat every month. Our basic membership is just $5 per month. That’s not a lot. And admit it, you spend more to subscribe to some pretty lame mainstream newspapers and magazines and to watch/hear mainstream TV and radio. You support activist groups that buy pricey ads in the New York Times, thus funding one of the greatest forces opposing what the same groups try to accomplish.

Support GDPR-NVPR by becoming a member or sponsor. This public radio and community service effort is all about peace, freedom, informing the people, and celebrating the arts. It presents real education and new insights into issues affecting each of us every day and gives voice to the grassroots the mainstream media diminish or ignore. It encourages and inspires people to work for positive change and a better world. Can you imagine the good we do every day we broadcast? Why not be part of it and put a little – whatever you can afford – into something that does good and that you can feel good about? Grateful Dread Public Radio is that something. Join us.

If you can help with a contribution or by becoming a Supporting Member, please do – we need you. Send us an email or phone us at (800) 519-4610 to get all the details or donate directly with Paypal or a credit card. As we are not government-certified yet (we are in the midst of this long, expensive process), contributions are not tax-deductible at this time. Also, if you would like to get involved with the station by volunteering your efforts or donating equipment, office furnitiure/supplies or anything, please write or call us.


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