It’s ba-a-a-ack!

Since putting my longtime blog, All Facts and Opinions on temporary hold to allow me to focus on GDPR and other projects, I’ve missed it. A lot. Apparently, so have many of you, which I appreciate greatly. With the US presidential race going full tilt and another dangerous choice looming, I had to get back into the opinionizing game, and dammit, I missed AF&O…

So it’s back. AF&O is available at and at Join us regularly for progressive news, commentary, pop culture, lifestyle stuff, and more. And yes, the Reindeer Game will return, perhaps not right away, as I’m dealing with administrative matters right now, but very soon. Come by, I want it to be enlightening, engaging, enraging at times, and entertaining, and it will be way more fun if you’re part of it. Visit, read, comment, play, tell us what YOU think. Come on by — and keep listening to GDPR too! We need your support if we’re going to make a positive difference in this messed-up world and keep evildoers like the frightening Mr. Anger Management and his seriously scary number two at bay.



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