Leave a Message!

It’s interesting… We get phone calls. Lots of ’em. We find out about them at the end of each month, when the phone company sends an itemized list of every call that rings the phone. And what a shock… lots of calls and no messages. Employing journalist tricks, I can discover the identities of most of the callers — they’re calling with serious purpose. So why don’t they leave a message so I can call them back right away?

I do not know, but there is a solution to this dilemma. Folks, if you call and get the recording — I do leave the office on occasion and I’m the one person answering — please leave me a message. That’s the only way I can get back to you the same day or the next. If you’re calling, you have a reason. It’s important. So give me the opportunity to show you how seriously I take your call — leave a message so whatever your issue, it can be addressed, so whatever your question, I can answer it, so whatever your funny or sad story you have to share is, I can laugh or cry with you, so that if you need assistance, I can (hopefully) provide it or direct you to someone who can.

It’s important, OK?

Leave a message!


7 thoughts on “Leave a Message!

  1. My Name is Conan Dunham. I am a gay songwriter/singer who would like my fans to know that contrary to what is suggested on the 4 pages of Google featuring my 1979 album “Tell’ Ol’ Anita” (He was a great songwriter)…I am alive, at least from the waiste up and anyone doubting this can check out some of the songs from my upcoming album “3 On A Dime” on YOUTUBE…”3 On A Dime” “Shithouse Shootout”, Heart Of The City, “Heaven Sent An Angel” Gypsy”..and see I am gray around the hairline, 62 years old, but am still writing recording and hopefully my new album will be out in June by Chapter Music, Australian label…regards Conan

  2. My name is Conan R H Dunham songwriter/singer known best for my 1979 album
    “Tell Ol’ Anita”. There are multiple pages on Google about myself and the album mostly referring to me as supposedly dead. I am very much alive at least from the waist up and have a new rock and roll album “Conan’s Back” which I will be mailing out copies in the next 10 days. I would very much appreciate any support I might be afforded from your station and I need your mailing address if you would like a copy. My biography is listed on my web page on my web site (I will spell it carefully as blockers will delete it any other way.
    I thank you so very much and look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Conan

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