Persistence Playlist: Rise Up

GDPR’s Persistence Radio is hosted by Natalie Davis, who in addition to all else, has been a music selector, DJ, jock, mixtape specialist, whatever you want to call it, since she was a teenager. On occasion, she comes up with Spotify playlists, some curated for friends and family, some for broadcast, some for moods that strike.  Periodically, we’ll share what we call Persistence Playlists here.

This one, RISE UP, is about protesting. Its goal is a) to entertain and b) to inspire you to get busy and do something to make the nation and the world better. A good place for ideas is our Armchair Activist Alert of the Day, which airs on Persistence Radio each weekday morning at 8am Central on GDPR. (The link will take you to a list of past alerts.)

In the meantime, let the music fill your ears, heart, and mind, and give you purpose.


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