This is an activist/altruist nonprofit effort, radio on the honor system. GDPR REVOLUTION99 lives or dies on the contributions of listener-members. If you can help with a contribution or by becoming a Supporting Member, please do – we need youSend us an email or phone us at (844) 843-2420 to get all the details or donate directly with Paypal or a credit card. As we are not government-certified yet (we are in the midst of this long, expensive process), contributions are not tax-deductible at this time. Also, if you would like to get involved with the station by volunteering your efforts or donating equipment, office furniture/supplies or anything, please write us.

c/o NR Davis, Program/Music Director
301 Ezell Pike #17844
Nashville, TN  37217

This is also the official mailing address for Grateful Dread Peace Media.

We are looking toward building partnerships with progressive and LGBT-affirming organizations and businesses, unions, faith communities, social groups, activists, and artists. If you are involved with such a venture, odds are we’re on the same side in the world-fixing game; please contact us about the good we can do together via GDPR REVOLUTION99.

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